Sunday, October 14, 2007

Using Ubuntu Gutsy Beta

I'm still using Ubuntu Gutsy Beta, and with much pleasure I discovered that it detects and uses the built in Memory Stick card reader that comes with my Sony Vaio VGN-N350FE. It must say that previous versions did not detect the card reader.
The system is very stable. The only problem is that eventually I have trouble when shutting down the notebook.
I installed the 'Advanced Desktop Effects Settings' for configuring Compiz Fusion, and it is a very nice way to waste time. It has many effects, some of them very amusing. The previous version didn't have a so detailed configuration utility. It's very cool to completely personalize the desktop effects.
I still have pending to test the virtualization, but I probably wait for the final version to be released (it's around the corner!).
In short, it seems that it will be a very good version of Ubuntu, and the truth is that they have widely extended compatibility with notebooks.

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