Friday, October 26, 2007

Blackberry 8800 acquired

I love technology since I was a kid, but lately I am getting irritated with the technological excess.
At moments I feel over-connected. Email accounts, IM, cell phone, SMS, everything demanding my attention. When the idea of having a blackberry came out for work reasons, I really did not want to do it. It felt too much.
Work comes first, so I finally acquired a Blackberry 8800.

How wrong I was.

Now that I have it, I wonder how did I manage to live before without it. Beyond that "it's a cool gadget", its utility is incredible.
The graphical interface is not that pretty, functionality is maximized, leaving aside the design. I don't complain, but I think they could have done it 'just a little bit' more cute.

I think that the best thing I have to say about it is that before I worried about having to check my mail. Many times working in the street, visiting clients, without time to go somewhere with WiFi (the are rare in my city) and open my notebook. That anxiety disappeared. Emails I care about arrive to my BB, with the push-mail technology. It's fabulous, I feel archaic for having waited so long to have one!

Well, I have to end now, because I have some emails to reply in the BB :-D


Version en español

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